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Experiments with Mixed Reality



“Everything you can imagine is real”
- Pablo Picasso
Every now and then, we take some time out, look towards the future and wonder
what’s next?
This time that question took us right to the edge of reality, into one of the most groundbreaking innovations of the last two decades - Mixed Reality. The first ever mentions of MR can be traced back to 1935 in the moviePygmalion's Spectacles, where a pair of googly goggles were used to simulate an immersive multi-sensory virtual experience. Since then a plethora of movies and concepts emerged, capturing the imagination of audiences' world over. Fast forward to the present, the tech has come leaps and bounds and Weinbaum’s vision is now a reality. The MR market is witnessing immense growth year-on-year and is all set to be worth over $40 billion by 2024.For the longest time, we’ve been battling this itch to design a mixed reality concept and, well, ‘nuff said, let’s jump right in.

Your home.

A Digital

VR content creators
You walk into your room. Your to-do list pops up and takes its place on the front-wall, next to the Netflix screen and the photo stream. You move to the kitchen, and Toby, your virtual sous-chef, welcomes you with some weird recipe recommendations. You ignore him. You open the fridge, and bouncy icons point at stuff that’s expiring or running out. You turn to the sofa, and, wait! Is that a Lego Batman waving back at you? Oh hello, tiny Batman 👋. You remove your headset. This can’t be! Batman’s still here 😱
VR experience
Design your own
digital environment.

Pin widgets anywhere and watch them come to life.

What people use to experience virtual reality
Interactive virtual reality
You flip the switch. Your surroundings disappear. Its’ time for total immersion. Want to dive into the Pacific or head out to the moon? Want to scuba with sharks or duck fire-breathing monsters? Or, do you want to watch yourself transform into a funky-looking digital avatar?
In this astonishing mix of the real and fake, MR creates the possibility to free our minds from physical constraints and allows us to ”be” in unimaginable environments, with endless possibilities.

Drum roll.
Let the
visor drop.

Don’t you just hate dressing rooms! How many times have you bought ill-fitting stuff, just to avoid the hassle of carrying a pile of clothes, waiting in line, and hiding uncomfortably behind half-curtains? From navigating virtual showrooms to interacting with products through hand gestures, the old rules of how we engage with the real world, no longer apply. Its time for brands, to not only re-imagine retail, but to slingshot innovative shopping experiences right into the future.
Closer view to Mixed Reality Screen 1
Closer view to Mixed Reality Screen 2
Closer view to Mixed Reality Screen 3

is dead.

Experience life in full 360-degrees - Mixed Reality
A digital spatial experience that reflects
on the user’s real world needs