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The idea behind Starquik was to skip shopping and make grocery shopping fun and rewarding. The task at hand was to create a unique UX that makes grocery shopping exciting.
UI UX Design

“What could be exciting in grocery shopping?”

This question helped us create mind map and feature list that we could exploit to make grocery shopping exciting via our solution.

Exploring the market and similar products

The approach adopted for the challenge was a hands on way of problem solving. In depth market research and real time experiences was key to the execution of the idea.

What is the psychology behind retail product placement?

Our team went on storewalks to understand how a physical grocery store conducted it’s business, how users behaved and the layout ( and it’s consequences!)

Our Observations

Our storewalks led the team to make certain observations about how a physical grocery store functions, what are the stand out features and pain points for shoppers
Large Displays

Large displays to make statements and attract attention of buyers

Last 5 Pieces

Last 5 pieces to create scarcity in the customers minds

Aisle Callouts

Aisle call outs to make a products, brands and offers stand out

Impulse Buys

Clip strips in store to include impulse items in listing

Different Zones

Seperating the store into different zones like chef’s zone, Fresh zone etc.

Freebies & Offers

Freebies, offers and discounts attract customers

What’s unique to grocery?

Designing to translate a physical experience such as grocery shopping into a digital platform required us to understand the psyche of a shopper and the needs/pain points of our user. We drew up user personas to study some common denominators across the kind of people who go grocery shopping

Empathising with the user led us to underline a few unique features of the grocery buying experience

"Buying grocery is a necessity and unavoidable""Shoppers require quality & consistency"
"Requires time & attention"
"Good offers & great discounts are appreciated""Shoppers need a reason to choose & repeat"

What will the brand be as a person?


Adding Intelligence

We came up with ‘smart’ features like a smart search, smart basket and smart switch to make the user experience better.

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Building Loyalty

With the star clubcard membership the user can avail extra benefits like redeemable points and special offers and discounts

Making it #Aasaan grocery

Starquik promises to bring you the best of range, best of offers and the fastest possible delivery all at the click of a button

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Future Vision
The idea behind Starquik was to skip shopping and make
grocery shopping fun and rewarding.